Survivor 2019 Winner Live: Who Wins Season 38 Tonight?

Survivor season 38 concludes tonight on CBS. The episode is being touted as the “most unpredictable Survivor finale” to date, as it has the largest number of players who can win. There are five players left in the active game and 11 on Extinction Island, ready to compete for a chance to get back in. We will provide live updates and spoilers on the winner as soon as the finale goes live at 8/7 c.

The five remaining players are Rick Devens, Lauren O’Connell, Gavin Whitson, Victoria Baamonde and Julie Rosenberg. Devens won his way back in on day 17 after being sent to Extinction Island days earlier. He is a favorite to win the entire competition, as he’s proven resourceful and cunning throughout the season. According to Gold Derby, viewers favor Devens to win with 23/20 odds, followed by O’Connell at 51/20 odds,  Whitson at 13/2 odds, Baamonde at 33/1 odds and Rosenberg at 100/1 odds.

Rick Devens Is the Favorite to Be the Season 38 Winner

Then there are the players who have been banished to Extinction Island. These include previous Survivor contestants Aubry Bracco, David Wright, Kelley Wentworth and Joe Anglim, as well as Chris Underwood, Aurora McCreary, Eric Hafemann, Reem Daly, Wardog, Ron Clark and Julia Carter. Of the Extinction Island players, Gold Derby lists Underwood and Anglim and the most likely to be crowned winner.Series host Jeff Probst talked to Us Weekly about their chances of making a return to the main island, and how the ‘loser’s bracket’ makes this season unique.

“I’m a fan of the losers’ bracket. I like the second chance. I like the underdog,” he reasoned. “I like telling the winner, ‘If you’re so good, beat me again.’ It’s not a right or wrong. I totally respect people thinking this breaks the rules, I just don’t agree. The idea is to try to go deeper with the show. I’m curious why people are playing Survivor.”

Jeff Probst Thinks the ‘Extinction Island’ Adds a Unique Element to the Finale

“Why come out here and do this to yourself? I think Extinction Island will do this,” he continued. “On Survivor, the worst day is when you don’t have a challenge because you have to sit there. On Extinction Island, there are no challenges, no rewards, no fried chicken. You have rice and time. You’re going to lose your mind out there.”

Probst also spilled on which contestants he thinks have the best chance at winning it all. “Joe will have the hardest time, but he’ll last a while; his record is undeniable. Once you get to individual portion, people know they just can’t risk it,” he revealed. “David is the dark horse, the one people don’t really understand. My pick is Wentworth to win the game. She’s got so many skills. I would never vote these four early. They have too much experience.”